Dr.Siddapuram Arvind

B.E, M.Tech, PhD
Head of the Department

Dr. Siddapuram Arvind has completed his B.E(CSE) in 1992 from P.D.A. College Of Engineering, Gulbarga, India., M.Tech(CSE) from N.I.T.K., Surathkal, India) in 2000 and his PhD.(CSE) in the year 2013. He has published more than 40 research articles in reputed International Journals and presented papers in National and International Conferences apart from reviewing the papers in international conferences. His scholarly activities include guiding and nurturing students to come up with innovative ideas and supporting their transformation in to reality. He is the recipient of Best Faculty Guide by IBM & Bites Bangalore in 2010 & K.S.C.S.T. Bangalore in 1998. He was honored with District award on state formation day by the District Administration Bidar for the Social service rendered to urban school children in educating them about the usage of internet. He has been the Academic Committee Member, K.V, Board Of Examinations Member, VTU, Belgaum.

CSE Faculty for ACADEMIC YEAR 2016-17
S NoNameDesignationQualificationDate Of Joining
1Dr. M. Janga ReddyProfessor & PrincipalM.Tech.(IT), Ph.D.07.11.2005
2Dr. Arvind SiddapuramProfessor & HODM.Tech.(CSE), Ph.D.04.12.2013
3Dr. Baswaraj DonagapureProfessorM.Tech.(CSE), Ph.D.08.07.2010
4Dr. C Rama Seshagiri RaoProfessorM.Tech.(CSE), Ph.D.27.04.2015
5Dr. Riyazoddin S.MProfessorM.E. (CSE), Ph.D.01.08.2008
6Dr. Naga Rama DeviProfessorM.Tech.(CSE), Ph.D.23.01.2017
7Dr.Vineeth GunjanAssoc. ProfessorM.Tech(CS), Ph.D.01.04.2017
8Dr.Vijender Kumar SolankiAssoc. ProfessorM.E. (CSE),Ph.D.01.04.2017
9Mr. P. Pavan KumarAssoc. ProfessorM.Tech.(IT), (Ph.D.)26.06.2006
10Mr. A. Nageswara RaoAssoc. ProfessorM.Tech.(CS), (Ph.D.)01.12.2016
11Mr. A. Balaram Assoc. ProfessorM.Tech. (SE), (Ph.D)10.04.2008
12Mrs. B. Sunitha DeviAssoc. ProfessorM.Tech. (CS) (Ph.D.)25.06.2007
13Mr. MD. Ahmed AliAssoc. ProfessorM.Phil., M.Tech. (CS02.06.2016
14Mr. K. MorarjeeAssoc. ProfessorM.Tech. (SE), (Ph.D.01.09.2005
15Mr. M. RaviAssoc. ProfessorM.Tech. (SE), (Ph.D.21.12.2011
16Mrs. Y. PrathimaAssoc. ProfessorM.Tech. (SE)06.04.2015
17Mr. K. KrishnaAssoc. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)08.12.2014
18Mr. Ch. Srisailam ReddyAssoc. ProfessorM.S. (IT)01.08.2008
19Mr. J. SudhakarAssoc. ProfessorM.Tech. (CS), (Ph.D.22.06.2012
20Mrs. Ch. JanakammaAssoc. ProfessorM.Tech. (CS) (PhD)02.07.2012
21Mrs. G. Swapna RaniAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (IT)25.06.2012
22Mrs. G. SwethaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (IT)23.06.2012
23Mrs. P. RupaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (SE)25.06.2012
24Mrs. P. SamathaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)01.12.2012
25Mr. N. Vijaya Kumar Asst. ProfessorM.Tech. (NN), (Ph.D.17.06.2013
26Mr. K. Kishore Kumar Asst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE), (Ph.D27.06.2013
27Mr. G. Krishna Lava KumarAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CS)08.12.2014
28Mrs. Y. SucharithaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE), (Ph.D28.05.2016
29Mr. S. AsifAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (DCN) (Ph.D.06.04.2015
30Ms. S. Komal KaurAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)17.06.2013
31Ms. B. VasaviAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)25.04.2015
32Ms. T.N ChittiAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)27.01.2016
33Mrs. S. VidyullathaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)05.03.2015
34Mr. T. Naga RajuAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (IT)29.06.2015
35Mr. V. LingamaiahAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)08.08.2015
36Mrs. M. AlphonsaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)05.03.2015
37Mrs. S. SailajaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)15.06.2015
38Ms. M. KranthiAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)23.06.2016
39Mrs. U. VijayalakshmiAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)01.11.2016
40Mr. Rony PreetamAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)19.08.2016
41Mrs. T SrujanaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)20.06.2016
42Mr. R. Akhilesh ReddyAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)13.06.2016
43Mrs. N. DivyaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (SE)16.09.2016
44Mrs. S AnithaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)28.11.2016
45Mr. M. Srirama Lakshmi ReddyAsst. ProfessorM.Tech (CSE),(Ph.D)08.10.2007
46Mr. V. RamuluAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)09.12.2016
47Mr. U. VeereshAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (SE)10.12.2016
48Mrs. Hari Priya PatraAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)15.12.2016
49Ms. Deepthi SreeAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)14.12.2016
50Mr. K. Srinivasa RaoAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE), (Ph.D25.07.2007
51Mr. Surender ReddyAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)05.03.2015
52Mrs. V.S.S.S. R.NaginiAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE),(PhD)19.06.2013
53Mr. G. Praveen KumarAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)28.05.2016
54Mrs. T. PratyushaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (SE),(Ph.D)17.06.2013
55Ms. Shiva JyothiAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)18.07.2016
56Mrs. K. Mouneshwari Asst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)19.03.2015
57Mrs. J. VennelaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (SE)02.11.2016
58Mrs. J. SadhanaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech. (CSE)08.12.2014

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